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What is CheckMeNow?

Using the latest digital technology, CheckMeNow is an app and cloud platform that will enable you to generate a digital immunity passport- It will also ensure any business can set up to verify the vaccination status using the QR code generated by the app.


The CheckMeNow App

A free to download app available on the App store and Google play app store. The service is free to enrol. The app will guide you through the necessary steps. CheckMeNow will send you reminders and notifications when your vaccination is completed and when sufficient time has passed for substantial immunity to develop. At this point it will automatically generate a secure QR code. This QR code will provide you access to businesses who have signed up.


How does it work?

You gain access to your vaccination status and PCR test results through our free app by acquiring an access key from your GP practice. Once fully vaccinated, you receive a notification and are informed that a QR code will be generated when the clinical guidelines have indicated you are now substantially protected from the virus. This QR code can be used for access to any business that signs up on the ‘CheckMeNow platform’.


Privacy and security

Security and data protection have been at the heart of ‘CheckMeNow’ development, with many levels of assurance obtained to ensure confidentiality. IT governance has been our highest priority, and the platforms meet NHS standards and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. We only use information that you consent to which can be deleted at any time on request.

About Us

CheckMeNow is the tradename and trademark of Logifect Limited an innovative digital health company with 6 years’ experience in digital health from its co-founders. Logifect was awarded a government innovation grant to deliver a digital test and vaccination pass.

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